• Green pass: ok trust in dl, approved in the Senate with 199 yes

  • European Parliament: whoever appealed to the Court against the green pass will have to carry negative tests

  • EU: "Member States can set rules on Green pass expiration"


November 17, 2021 The House of the Chamber approved the question of trust posed by the Government on the Green Pass Decree with 453 votes in favor and 42 against (no abstentions). The Shareholders' Meeting will proceed on the same day to discuss the related agendas and to give the go-ahead defined for the provision (it has not undergone any corrections with respect to the text licensed by the Senate and must be converted into law by 20 November). The decree law introduced, in particular, the obligation to exhibit the green certification to access workplaces, public and private, from 15 October last and until the end of 2021 (coinciding with the end of the current state of emergency).

The provision also aims at strengthening the infection screening system and provides for the extension from 30 November to 31 December of low prices for rapid Covid tests (establishing the obligation, for authorized pharmacies and private health facilities, to apply the cost controlled). Free rapid antigen tests instead for subjects who cannot receive or complete the vaccination. And for this reason the DL authorizes the expenditure of 115.85 million for 2021. With a modification introduced by the Senate, workers are therefore allowed to deliver their personal green pass to their employer, to avoid the relative checks for the entire period of validity of the certificate.

On this aspect of the law, however, the Privacy Guarantor has expressed a negative opinion and therefore corrective actions in future legislative measures are not excluded (the tight deadlines reserved for the second reading and the use of trust have precluded any possibility of further intervention. by the Commissions and the Chamber of Deputies).

With another amendment passed at Palazzo Madama, it was finally clarified that the employee, should the certificate expire during the working day, will be able to remain in his post until the end of his daily commitment.