China News Service, Haikou, November 17 (Li Zhepeng and Li Yehao) If the first time I was a soldier was full of longing and yearning for life in the army, then the second time I chose to wear the military uniform must be due to my love for the barracks.

Among the recruits enlisted in the autumn of 2021, the New Corps of the Armed Police Hainan Corps Training Base has such a passionate young man who enlisted for the second time. With a deep affection for the army, he once again joined the barracks and continued to write about the "love" of the military.

Zeng Hongbin demonstrates teaching for his comrades.

Photo by Chen Yefa

  21-year-old Zeng Hongbin joined the army in September 2018 and served in a reconnaissance company in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. Because of his excellent military quality and outstanding performance, he was twice named the company's "excellent conscripts".

In September 2020, due to the limited number of non-commissioned officers in the company, Zeng Hongbin regretted having to take off his favorite military uniform, crying goodbye to his company for more than 700 days.

On the training ground, Zeng Hongbin corrected the fighting posture for his comrades.

Photo by Chen Yefa

  "Military uniforms have not been worn enough; soldiers have not been enough." After returning to work, the ease of 9 to 5 in the morning did not bring pleasure to Zeng Hongbin. He once again had no hesitation in signing the enlistment form without hesitation. Under his own name, this time, he chose to join the big family of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force.

  "This time I am enlisting in the army, I want to realize my'special warfare dream', and I will continue to charge towards the goal of the pioneers of special warfare.

During class, Zeng Hongbin and his classmates wrestle each other.

Photo by Chen Yefa

  As an armed police soldier, Zeng Hongbin and his comrades fought with each other, captured and wrestled, truncheon shields... and sweated like rain on the training ground every day. These experiences also allowed him to grow and mature rapidly.

Since the start of the training, Zeng Hongbin has been training hard, assisting the squad leader to complete the demonstration and explanation of many subjects. I also showed my classmates in the training interval the military physical boxing moves I have learned, adding a sense of joy to the short rest.

During class, Zeng Hongbin shared his military story with his comrades.

Photo by Chen Yefa

  In the eyes of the squad leader, he is an out-and-out good soldier, and in the eyes of his comrades in arms, he is even more of an amiable brother and a veritable "veteran."