On November 15, local time, South Korea’s Central Emergency Response Headquarters announced that as of 5 pm on the 14th, the utilization rate of COVID-19 intensive care beds in the metropolitan area has increased to 76.4%. The South Korean government will consider various indicators to study whether to suspend and resume. Daily life patterns.

  Sun Yinglai, head of the social strategy team of the South Korean Central Emergency Response Headquarters, said that from the trend of the epidemic last week, the number of elderly confirmed cases from high-risk facilities such as the elderly, nursing hospitals and nursing facilities has increased significantly, and severe cases have also increased.

Therefore, instead of tightening the overall epidemic prevention and response measures, it is better to increase the prevention of epidemics in high-risk facilities where cluster infections of the elderly are frequent, and at the same time accelerate the promotion of intensified vaccination.

(Producing Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]