US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held their first summit via video. Although they were unanimous in terms of alleviating the conflict between the two countries, there was a clear difference of opinion on sensitive issues.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung of Washington will first summarize the contents of the meeting.


At the first US-China summit held over video, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping talked for over three hours on various issues.

The starting atmosphere was friendly.

[Biden/President of the United States: We have been talking to each other for a long time.]

[Xi Jinping/President of China: Conversation through video for the first time. It's great to see an old friend.]

But there was a clear difference of opinion on the issue.

President Biden raised concerns about a wide range of human rights issues in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, and said he would protect American workers and industries from China's unfair trade practices.

In response, President Xi Jinping made it clear that he would not stand by the international community's pressure on China led by the United States.

In particular, President Xi warned that Taiwan's independence forces will take decisive action if they cross the red line.

President Biden reaffirmed his one-China policy, but said he strongly opposes actions that undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Although the leaders of the United States and China clearly had a difference of opinion on key interests, they reached a consensus that the level of the conflict needs to be adjusted.

[Biden/President of the United States: I think we need to establish a clear and candid guardrail consensus on areas where we do not agree or need to work together at the point of intersection of interests.]

[Xi Jinping/President of China: Sound and stable Sino-US relations.


and the United States should respect each other, coexist peacefully, and cooperate to win-win.] 

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