The draft of the government's basic policy for budgeting for the next fiscal year has been clarified.

In addition to responding to the new coronavirus, the company plans to organize it based on the concept of a "16-month budget" together with this year's supplementary budget for the realization of new capitalism through a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution.

Regarding the budget formulation for the 4th fiscal year of the next fiscal year, the draft is based on the new economic measures decided this week toward the realization of new capitalism through a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution, while taking all possible measures to support the new corona. It is said that it will be done based on the concept of "16-month budget" together with the supplementary budget plan of.

On top of that, it is said that it will promote economic growth by promoting growth strategies such as the "Digital Rural City National Concept" aiming at regional revitalization through digitalization, and strengthen the distribution function by promoting distribution strategies centered on promotion of wage increases. increase.

With an eye on the new society after Corona, the budget will be allocated with a focus on these strategies.

On the other hand, when formulating the budget, it is said that a thorough review without a sanctuary will be promoted over the entire expenditure, and the budget plan will be firmly sharpened while taking into account the infection situation of the new corona.

The government will soon decide on such a basic policy in a cabinet meeting.