China News Service, November 16th. According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 16th, the latest global supercomputer performance rankings were announced. The supercomputer "Fuyake" placed at the Kobe Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Japan has been continuously rated in four performance evaluation units. Topped the list 4 times.

  According to reports, the global supercomputing list is announced every six months by an international conference composed of experts.

In the calculation speed unit, "Fuyue" can perform more than 440,000 times of 1 trillion calculations per second, which is about three times that of the second-ranked American Supercomputing.

In addition, "Fuyue" ranks first in computing methods such as modeling, artificial intelligence deep learning, and big data processing performance units.

Data map: Japanese supercomputer "Fuyake".

Image source: ICphoto

  According to reports, "Fuyue" entered the list before it was fully launched.

So far, "Fuyue" has been used in the verification experiment of the new crown epidemic prevention (simulating droplet infection) and the weather prediction system (predicting heavy rain in local areas).

  Satoshi Matsuoka, head of the Computational Science Research Center at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Japan, said, "This list once again proves the advanced performance of'Futake'. I hope it can contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society in the future."