China News Service, November 16th. According to the British "Guardian" report, on the 15th local time, a man suspected of assassinating former Haitian President Moise was arrested at Istanbul Airport in Turkey and will be held in temporary custody for 40 days. .

Data map: After the assassination of former Haitian President Moise, police patrolled the streets.

  According to reports, the arrested man was named Samir and he was a businessman.

On the same day, he planned to fly from the United States to Jordan and was arrested while transiting at Istanbul Airport.

  Later that day, the Haitian authorities announced the news. Haitian Foreign Minister Joseph Joseph posted on social media that he had communicated with the Turkish side by telephone and expressed his gratitude to the Turkish side for arresting Samir.

  Joseph also said that Samir was "one of the important figures in the investigation of the president's murder."

However, Joseph did not disclose whether Haiti will seek to extradite this person.

  According to reports, Interpol has previously issued a wanted warrant against Samir.

After Samir was arrested, the Turkish court interrogated him. In addition, the court issued a 40-day temporary detention order at the request of the Turkish Ministry of Justice.

Samir is currently being held in a prison in Istanbul.

  According to reports, as of now, more than 40 suspects related to the case have been arrested, including 18 Colombian soldiers and several Haitian police officers.

  On July 7, the then Haitian President Moise was shot and killed in his home.

After the incident, the Haitian police stated that the assassination was planned by a group of Haitians connected with foreign countries.

Currently, the case is still under investigation.