The journalist and researcher has sold millions of books with his series 'Caballo de Troya'.

Now, JJ Benítez returns with 'My cousins' (Editorial Planeta), where he compiles 250 cases on the phenomenon of aliens

More than 700 pages dedicated to UFOs, haven't you gotten out of hand a bit? I have six other books written that have not come out. I wanted to expose part of the research that I have been doing for 50 years, I am going to confess something: I do not believe in UFOs. Convince me of its existence, I am not going to do so, in the same way that I have not argued or polemic on the subject for many years now. Every human being has the freedom to believe what he sees fit. Is believing in UFOs a matter of faith? No, it is a matter of information. You have to gather enough data to realize that it is a real phenomenon, very old and very complex. There are many civilizations that visit us. It is probably the most important event in history.Apart from the sightings,What physical evidence is there that they have been on Earth? Have you left any objects? Yes, of course. The US military has at least one ship that crashed in 1947 in Roswell (New Mexico). And there are more cases of crashed ships with their creatures. That is a physical evidence that does not come to light because the military considers it top secret. There is much more evidence such as the word of the witnesses, the fingerprints, the photographs and the videos. Trees and plants are burned when a ship lands. Have you personally seen one? Four times. On two occasions, I was able to take photos. Of the 250 cases that he narrates in the book, which is the most shocking? They are very different. There are cases from 20,000 years ago in cave paintings, in legends and in mythology and also now in the 20th century.The last incident that I tell in the book is that of a Spanish military pilot who had an encounter in November 1979. He went out on an alert and saw a gigantic object in the air that was being captured by three radars in Spain simultaneously. When he returned to base, voices allegedly entered his hull from the ship, and voices of children spoke to him. He was an Army captain and a highly trained man who has absolute credibility. Have you made many enemies with your research? A few. Which are the most dangerous? Dangerous, no. Annoying. They are the typical cunt flies. Skeptical guys who have done practically nothing in their lives, but pontificate. It is something that Spanish loves, who talks about everything even if they don't know anything. I have also had violent attacks from the Catholic Church, but it no longer worries me.How is your relationship with the military? On an unofficial level, very good. At an official level, very bad. Do they pass you a lot of information? Yes, there are soldiers who worry about passing the information to me because they know it is true and that they are lying. But at the official level we do not agree and we have our rifirrafes. Why does it say that the Bible is the best UFO book in the world and that Jesus was the great extraterrestrial? The Old Testament is a text where there are infinite descriptions that today we have investigated and we have interpreted them as exploration ships or motherships. They call it columns of smoke or chariots of fire that illuminated the Jewish people when they went through the desert and appeared 50 million times. That is why I say it is the best UFO book in the world. And Jesus of Nazareth? Although he was born on Earth, his true origin was not from here.For me he is a god and a creator from outside the Earth. You affirm that what the Gospels say is not true, but that what you tell in Trojan Horse is. Do we believe him? The Gospels are manipulated and misrepresented. The information that appears in the Trojan Horses deserves much more credibility to readers than the Gospels. Why? Because they were written many years after the death of Jesus and according to the interests of the moment and of certain people. They don't even conform to logic. Religion is a business. It also proclaims that the Marian apparitions are UFOs starting with El Rocío. Have aliens been in this village of Huelva? All Marian apparitions have a UFO origin. And I hope I can prove it one day in a book that I have in mind.These civilizations appear in certain places and at certain times to certain people and make them believe that they are the Virgin Mary or Saint James the Apostle, but that is not true. What they are doing is raising the faith of that area at a certain time, but it is not the Virgin Mary. There will be people who think that you are a phony who has lived the whole life of the UFO tale. They are obviously misinformed people. . If this were a tall tale, I would not have done research or writing. What a journalist must respect is the truth. Everything else may be secondary, but the truth is sacred. What Jiménez has done more for ufology in this country: Del Oso or Iker? Jiménez del Oso and in very difficult times.You have been doing programs on television since the 60s and at that time it was very difficult to talk about these issues. Is it one of your influences? Yes, not only as a popularizer of the subject but as a person. And do you have any relationship with Iker Jiménez? No, none. He defends that he knows the dead who have returned. How did you recognize them? I do not know the dead but witnesses who say they have spoken with deceased people, but with them physically or with their spirit? Physically. With the appearance of the human body, the coronavirus caught him on a cruise around the world. The worst possible place, right? No, in a way the best because it was a bubble, we were isolated from the world and without any pollution problem. What was the hardest? The hardest thing was to contemplate the human being fighting, very nervous , hysterical about the situation.That was the most surprising thing to me because instead of staying calm and trying to survive, people were throwing chairs at each other and awakening old hatreds between the Germans and the French, for example. You claim that the US military has spread the coronavirus . What proof do you have? I have a piece of information from one of the military. I have no more. And is a single source sufficient to support this accusation? Yes, because I contrasted and requested information about that source and my contact told me that it was of maximum credibility. What interest did the North Americans have in spreading the Covid? Sink Europe's economy, and yours by the way, right? It doesn't matter. It's collateral damage and the US economy has not collapsed, but the European economy has. So what role does China play in all this? China was a cover.According to that information, when they manufacture the virus they sow it and one of the places they chose to spread it was China. It also declares that the coronavirus is a dress rehearsal for something terrible, what do you mean? Hopefully, I am wrong. If it were not, it would be the arrival of a huge meteorite in 2027. Why in 2027? It is the information that I have received. It would cause 1,200 million deaths in 48 hours. So we have six years left. I hope you're wrong! Has he been vaccinated? Yes, of course. In this sense, he is not one of the 'conspiranoids'. Man, I think that 80,000 or 90,000 deaths in Spain is a demonstration that There is a problem. What figure has marked you the most in your life? Jesus of Nazareth, without a doubt. Over the years, does one become immune to all sins? There are no sins. There are mistakes.Sins are a self-serving definition of religion to subdue people. If they scare you by saying that this is sin and that you are going to hell, you are morally enslaved. In your life, what has been the meanest moment? The word is not mean but terrible. The death of my wife Blanca from cancer in January The important thing is not how you fall but how you get up. Have you suffered many falls? I have been knocked down or I have knocked myself down many times almost every day because I make mistakes. Maria Zambrano used to say that she preferred dangerous freedom to quiet servitude. Are we mired in that servitude? There is no other. People come into the world to fulfill a contract and have a series of experiences. Freedom does not exist. It is a dream and it is a lie of the politicians like almost everything they say.Have you not been free enough? I have fulfilled my contract like you. I have been a journalist. I wanted to have been a painter. I have dedicated myself to research, which I have loved. I write and I still think that I should have been Michelangelo, but the position was occupied. Are you angry with politicians? Not angry, no. I ignore them. I don't believe in any. Neither one side nor the other. They are all corrupt and thieves. No one is saved. Do you think about death? When he dies, will he meet the aliens? What I have clear is that when I pass to the other side I will find myself with a lot of life and with many people who have already died and that I will continue to be physically alive. In another place? In another dimension, Frank Sinatra's epitaph is the best yet to come. What would yours be? One that I copied in the Barbate cemetery in Cádiz that says: "I'm not here".

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