China News Service, Xining, November 15 (Luo Yuankai, Song Guowan) The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in early winter is cold and cold.

On the training ground of the first mobile detachment of the Qinghai Armed Police Corps, the communications soldier Wang Yanwei lay in front of the low-posture crawling ground net, twisted the wire hoop on his back to his hand, quickly adjusted his body posture, and quickly got into the ground net... …

  As the ears, eyes, and nerves of the unit, the signal force's ability to acquire, analyze, and transmit information will become a key factor affecting the victory or defeat of every battle.

The picture shows the fixed communication line of the armed police soldiers.

Photo by Luo Yuankai

  "The signal force needs to combine the different terrain and communication needs of the site to set out and take up the line at the fastest speed. At the same time, in the process of laying the line, do a good job of concealing the line to prevent it from being discovered and damaged by the'enemy'." Armed Police Qinghai Xu Dengliang, deputy captain of the first mobile detachment of the corps, said that the skill training is set in the context of actual combat to test the professional competence of each signal soldier.

  "If the connection is lost during the mission, everything equals zero." In the 44-meter dipole antenna erection training subject, the communications soldiers Zhao Changpeng and Zhang Yue have years of experience in erection. , Set up the nails, lift the rod, and adjust the rod to the successful communication, all in one go.

Just as they were delighted, the squadron chief officer on the side announced that their assessment results were zero on the spot. The reason was that when adjusting the tightening board, the force was too strong and it was easy to pull out the reverse nails, which did not meet the actual combat requirements.

The picture shows the shortwave radio station realizes random communication.

Photo by Luo Yuankai

  In recent years, in order to allow the training "center" to always aim at the actual combat "bullseye", the first mobile detachment of the Qinghai Corps of the Armed Police has taken actual combat as the standard, and normalized the establishment of integrated command vehicles, field command posts, shortwave radio and ultrashortwave radio communication, etc. More than 10 training subjects, launch training and assessment with actual combat background, and constantly temper the comprehensive support capabilities of the signal force to ensure that it can "draw, connect, and communicate well" under any circumstances.