• Paris has 15,000 electric scooters, divided between the three operators Lime, Dott and Tiers.

    Since Monday, they have been limited to 10 km / h in certain areas of the capital.

  • This measure is "a first step but the account is not there yet," said David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of mobility.

Since Monday in Paris, the 15,000 electric scooters with free access are restricted at a maximum speed of 10 km / h in 662 areas of the capital, or even 5 km / h in parks and gardens, against 20 km / h authorized elsewhere.

A decision taken following the 375 accidents, including one fatal, caused by electric scooters in 2020, according to

Le Parisien.

What are the affected areas?

The limitation takes effect in areas with a high pedestrian density, to encourage users to slow down.

This concerns the tourist sectors of Trocadéro, Luxembourg Gardens, Tuileries, Invalides, Buttes-Chaumont and Père-Lachaise.

“It's a first step.

But the account is not there yet.

The work must continue, ”said David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of mobility, on Twitter.

How does automatic clamping work?

The device uses the scooter geolocation system.

The machine transmits its position to the server of its operator, Lime, Dott or Tiers, every fifteen seconds.

When the machine arrives in a zone at reduced speed, the operator compares its speed with the maximum speed authorized in the zone.

If the user exceeds it, the operator clamps the scooter by means of an automatic message.

"These areas can be adjusted according to local needs communicated by the Paris town hall and the district town halls", specify the three operators

at Le Parisien


A brake on the development of the electric scooter?

The scooter market is booming.

Lime, which claims the top spot, has a million rides last month.

If this measure is put in place, it is because it “is essential.

We must respond to an exemplary objective in order to gain acceptance for the scooter in the long term, ”assures Antoine Bluy, managing director of Lime in France, to the

Journal du dimanche


Thus, operators take user awareness seriously.

A "beginner" mode is even offered so that people who use this mode of transport for the first time see their machine limited to 15 km / h, reports

Le Parisien


Are all scooters affected?

The automatic clamping only concerns self-service electric scooters.

Those who have bought their own scooter will be able to continue to circulate up to 25 km / h.


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