Airbus signs giant order for 255 aircraft at Dubai Airshow

The Airbus A321s, the largest in its family of single-aisle A320 aircraft, are very popular with airlines.

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On the first day of the Dubai Airshow, the European aircraft manufacturer signed a joint order for 255 A321 aircraft for four companies belonging to an American investment company.

Amount of the order: nearly 29 billion euros.


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This is the first large-scale order since the start of the pandemic and the fourth largest order ever recorded by Airbus.

These 255 A321 type aircraft are to be divided between four companies: the Hungarian Wizz Air, the American Frontier Airlines, the Mexican Volaris and the Chilean Jetsmart.

These four low-cost companies belong to the same shareholder, Indigo Partners, which specializes in the airline sector.

Based on the list price, the order weighs nearly $ 33 billion.

But Indigo Partners used the size of the order to get a rebate.

Deliveries will take place from 2025. While air transport is struggling to recover from the pandemic and the closure of borders, Indigo Partners anticipates a recovery by 2023-2025.

A321 single aisle makes a box

And the A321 is the ultimate weapon.

A single aisle suitable for medium distances, is positioned in a segment less affected by traffic restrictions than long-haul flights.

Flexible, fast and not very greedy in energy, it is currently the darling of the customers, since it represents 60% of the orders.

Airbus is to manufacture 7,500 in the coming years. 

Of the 255 A321 aircraft, 29 are of the future XLR model, a so-called “very long range” single-aisle capable of carrying out long-haul routes traditionally reserved for large aircraft (B777, A350) but also medium-sized flights. traditional mail.   

With this announcement, the European aircraft manufacturer confirms the ascendancy gained over its American rival Boeing, which has no aircraft to oppose to the A321.

Boeing, which only presented itself with an order for the conversion into eleven B737 former generation cargo planes.

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