The People's Power has released the Kraken Program to prevent manipulation of comments in the online space ahead of the presidential election.

This is a countermeasure to prevent the recurrence of the 'Drooking Incident', which manipulated online public opinion such as comments using the King Crab program in the 2017 presidential election.

The People's Power held a Kraken public press conference at the National Assembly Hall in the afternoon of the 14th and demonstrated the program in person.

The program collects and categorizes portal articles with key keywords, and then automatically analyzes abnormal behaviors based on the AI ​​engine.

Then, after verification by a professional monitoring agent, if the manipulation of public opinion is certain, it is reported to the National Election Commission.

The Kraken is a giant octopus monster in mythology, and the program name was given to indicate that the Kraken hunts the king crab's 'crab'.

The People's Power will conduct a pilot operation until this month, and then, from the 1st of next month, a space for program operation will be prepared at the presidential election camp office.

The Kraken program is also the first project of the 'silk bag', which refers to Lee Jun-seok's presidential campaign secret.

In today's interview, Chairman Lee said, "We are going to operate the Kraken system with the intention of introducing an early warning system."

“It is like deploying Patriot missiles, THAAD missiles, and radars, which are missile defense systems, to counter the North Korean ballistic missile threat,” Lee said of the Kraken program.

Rep. Lee Young, chairman of the party's Digital Party Committee, who led the program development, said, "The Democratic Party used King Crab, a comment manipulation program of the Drooking party, to manipulate public opinion. .

In a meeting with reporters, CEO Lee said, "I am not collecting opinions that are contrary to us, and I am telling you with conscience that I will not use it for any purpose other than a public election." .

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters)