American pharmaceutical company Moderna applied for a patent for a coronavirus vaccine, leaving the US government out of the way.

Tens of trillions of won was invested in the government budget, and why this happened, what Moderna was aiming for, and an exclusive interview with the consumer group that first exposed this fact.

This is Washington Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung.

<Reporter> These

are three core patent applications for mRNA corona vaccine submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office by Moderna.

A top-secret technology that induces an immune response against the coronavirus.

However, only scientists belonging to Moderna are listed in the patent inventors column, and the names of the three NIH researchers from the National Institutes of Health who participated in the joint development are not.

The names of the same researchers who President Biden praised for being at the forefront of developing a moderna vaccine are missing.

[Corvette/Researcher at the National Institutes of Health (last February): Because we knew how to make a protein to make a vaccine, we were able to get a genetic sequence result.]

[Biden/President of the United States: This research team is really amazing. you]

Moderate my patent application, a US consumer group public Citizen uncovered the first time available was pointed out that there could be claimed that the vaccine made with the full support of the US government made Moderate myself.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) played an important role. The US government has given Moderna nearly 12.8 trillion won. It is a huge amount for one company to apply for.]

It analyzed that Moderna was the sole owner of all decision-making powers on vaccines.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: Moderna will also have exclusive control over who can produce the vaccine, and how it can be produced and sold for. We cannot allow a pharmaceutical company to have monopoly control over such a valuable and important technology.] Here's

why the US government should also become a patent holder.

[Design Leeds Rain / Public Citizen researcher: If the US government allows names up to the co-inventors or co-owners, allowing you to make the government of the patent for others to use -

Moderate I 21,000,000,000,002 this year corona virus It is expected to earn 100 billion won and 23.6 trillion won next year.

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: (Modernaga) There were overwhelmingly rich countries that made the decision to send a vaccine. Especially considering how much public money they received for vaccines, this is just unfair.]


Right now, we are using a lot of moderna vaccines too. Let's talk a little more with Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung. Now, Correspondent Kim, the corona vaccine patents are going to cost a lot of money, and the US government is going to be angry.

How is Moderna responding?


Yes, after the public citizen's disclosure, the New York Times and other American media have also reported on the case, so the controversy continues to spread.

Moderna, who had been silent, tweeted that she could not agree with the claim that the National Institutes of Health scientists co-invented a coronavirus vaccine.

The National Institutes of Health in the United States also issued a warning letter to Moderna, with the director himself coming out in an unusual way.

[Collins / National Institutes of Health Director: I think the Moderate serious mistake, I do not recognize that co-inventor of the people who play an important role;


Forward vaccine would require more, put a patent if the dispute is looking good It's not news.


Yes, if there is a lawsuit and Moderna wins, it could be more difficult to disclose the vaccine recipe.

Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel said in an interview with SBS that he would transfer the technology to Korea, but Public Citizen emphasized that the vaccine technology should be transferred to a country with production capacity like Korea as soon as possible.

Let's hear the related remarks next.

[Stephane Bangsel/Modena CEO (SBS interview last May): Moderna will transfer technology to Samsung. However, the Korean government can play a big role in facilitating this process.]

[Zin Lisby/Public Citizen Researcher: Moderna, including Korea, has so far refused to share technology.

Corona vaccine must be produced as quickly as possible in the world as much as possible.] With a

shortage of vaccines around the world already, concerns are being raised that Moderna and the U.S. government may fight a lawsuit, which could lead to even greater chaos.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, video editing: Park Sun-soo)