, November 11, according to the US Chinese website, the White House announced on the 10th that President Biden will sign the large-scale infrastructure bill that has been passed in Congress next Monday (November 15).

  Ten days after the bipartisan bill passed by the House of Representatives, Biden's signing will give effect to the "Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act."

On March 25, local time, U.S. President Biden held the first official press conference in more than 60 days since he took office, answering hot issues such as border crisis, gun control, and infrastructure planning.

  According to reports, the Biden administration said in a statement that Biden will participate in the signing ceremony with some members of Congress.

These lawmakers helped draft the $1 trillion bill aimed at improving American roads, bridges, and waterways.

  "The president will highlight how he fulfilled his promise to rebuild the middle class and the historic benefits that the bipartisan infrastructure agreement will bring to American families." The White House said in a press release.

  The US$1 trillion infrastructure bill includes US$550 billion in new additional expenditures, of which US$110 billion is used to build highways, US$66 billion is used to build railways, US$65 billion is used to build power grids, and US$65 billion is used to build broadband Related facilities, 55 billion US dollars for the construction of drinking water pipeline related facilities.

  Members of Congress have been trying to pass such a comprehensive bill for years to upgrade the U.S. utilities and ground transportation infrastructure, but they all ended in failure.

The White House and many Democrats say the bill will alleviate supply chain disruptions and prevent further price spikes.

  Unlike the infrastructure bill, another social spending bill that Biden pushed forward was opposed by almost all Republicans in Congress.

Democrats will try to use special budget rules called coordination procedures to avoid Republicans in the evenly matched Senate.

This rule will allow the Democratic Party to pass the bill with a simple majority.