Thailand: the monarchy protected by the Constitutional Court

King Rama X of Thailand (illustrative image).

AP - Sakchai Lalit

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In Thailand, the Constitutional Court ruled yesterday, Wednesday, November 10: demanding a reform of the monarchy is tantamount to an attempt to overthrow the state.

A very worrying decision for hundreds of activists.


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With our correspondent in Thailand,

Carol Isoux

By delivering their famous ten point speech which called for a reform of the monarchical institution, in August 2020, the famous activists Rung, Mike and Anon violated the Constitution and tried according to the Court to "

overthrow the democratic government of Thailand with the king as head of state 


A decision that worries

No sentence has yet been handed down against the activists, but the decision worries: hundreds of them, including a dozen minors, are still awaiting trial, for lese majesty or disturbance of public order, and this clarification by the Court could provide legal grounds for claiming life imprisonment against them.

Hit hard

Despite their denials, the supporters of a reform of the monarchy are accused by the conservatives of having, in the long term, the abolition of it in their agenda and the establishment of a Republic in Thailand.

It is therefore a question of striking hard from the start of the pro-reform movement in order to discourage their base of support, including within certain political parties which have recently taken up the issue.

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