A demonstration experiment was conducted in South Korea assuming movement between an airport and an urban area toward the practical application of a "flying taxi" that applies drone technology.

"Flying taxi" is a transportation service that uses drone technology to fly electrically, and it is said that it will lead to the elimination of traffic congestion, and there are active movements in each country to develop the aircraft and improve the system. It has become.

South Korea is also aiming to start commercial services jointly by the public and private sectors in 2025, and on the 11th, a demonstration experiment was conducted at Kimpo (Gimpo) Airport in Seoul, assuming movement between the airport and urban areas. ..

The aircraft used in the experiment was made by a German manufacturer, and the aircraft on which one person in charge of maneuvering was on board climbed to a height of about 50 meters and flew a predetermined 3 km route in about 3 minutes.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of South Korea, this is the first time that a "flying taxi" has been demonstrated at an airport, and next week it will also be conducted near Incheon Airport to develop an operation management system that prevents collisions with aircraft. I want to connect to such things.

“We are also preparing for legislation for practical use. We are proceeding with a demonstration experiment with the feeling of hitting a stone bridge so that citizens can use it safely,” said Chang Young-ki, secretary of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Korea. I will continue. "