(Guanlan, Taiwan Strait) Xiamen wants to become the first station of Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises to land in their first homeland

  China News Service, Xiamen, November 10 (Reporter Yang Fushan) The 13th Congress of the Communist Party of China in Xiamen, which just concluded, drew a blueprint for the development of Xiamen in the next five years. stand".

  Fujian and Taiwan face each other across the sea, creating the first homeland for Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises to land, which is the direction for the integration and development of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Xiamen took the lead in launching the first local version of the "Xiamen 60 Articles" policy on the mainland. Through 60 specific measures, it provides Taiwan compatriots with the same treatment as Xiamen residents for studying, starting a business, employment and living in Xiamen, and promoting Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises in Xiamen. Develop better and faster.

  A related person from Xiamen Bank, the first city commercial bank directly held by a Taiwanese financial institution in mainland China, recently introduced that in order to help Taiwanese youths in Xiamen realize their "entrepreneurial dream", the bank has recently launched an innovative Taiwanese "entrepreneurial guarantee loan", which provides credit exemption. Guaranteed micro-financing support, the first Taiwanese compatriots "enterprise guaranteed loan" has been successfully landed recently.

  Taiwanese youth Huang Qirong, who received the bank's first "enterprise guarantee loan" funds, told reporters that his company plans to shift from wholesale to retail to expand its franchise business, and it needs a start-up capital.

From the application to the loan, it took only two weeks to successfully receive the 200,000 yuan "enterprise guaranteed loan" funds, which is quite convenient.

"This funding can help my e-commerce project do better."

  Manager Su of the Institutional Marketing Department of the Taiwanese Finance Department of Bank of Xiamen introduced that the bank provides a special green channel for Taiwanese businessmen, so that they can enjoy venture capital more quickly.

  The inclination of preferential lending and financing policies for financial institutions has brought confidence to Taiwanese youth and Taiwanese enterprises to start businesses in Xiamen.

Tsai Yuelin, a young Taiwanese who is from Pingtung, Taiwan and works as an artist agent in the mainland, told reporters that Xiamen has so many financial policies to support Taiwanese youth entrepreneurship, which makes him more and more confident in developing his career here.

"I hope that more Taiwanese artists can come to the mainland to develop and promote the common prosperity of Minnan culture and Taiwanese culture." He said.

  The construction of a better future in Xiamen is inseparable from the joint efforts of all Taiwanese compatriots and enterprises in Xiamen.

The relevant person in charge of Jurong Yijia Taiwan Youth Innovation and Innovation Base, which specializes in providing a service incubation platform for young people from Taiwan to find employment and entrepreneurship in Xiamen, told reporters that as of the end of July this year, the number of Taiwanese entrepreneurial teams stationed in its base has reached 70, attracting Taiwanese entrepreneurs in total. 227 young people were employed.

  In the next three years, the base will continue to focus on research and education, cultural and creative cultural tourism, new media and other industries, introduce more cross-strait professional talents, and better serve cross-strait integration.

  To create the "first stop" for Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises to land in the first home, in the next five years, how can Xiamen give full play to its role as a strategic fulcrum for exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan?

Cui Yonghui, secretary of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, put forward the "four continuities": continue to deepen economic and trade integration, continue to promote all-inclusive policies, continue to implement affordable Taiwan policies, and continue to enhance emotional integration.

  Among them, consolidate and enhance the role of the “golden channel” for direct cross-strait communication, create the most convenient channel for cross-strait flow of people and logistics, accelerate the construction of Xiamen-side projects such as electricity, ventilation, and bridges between Xiamen and Jinan, create a "Xiamen-Jinin common living circle", and pay attention to Taiwan Measures such as the new needs of Taiwanese enterprises and the expansion of the depth and breadth of equal treatment will surely attract more and more Taiwanese enterprises to pursue their dreams and realize their dreams.