The Nobel Foundation, which manages the Nobel Prize, has announced dates such as the awarding of medals to the winners of this year, and among them, Mr. Yoshiro Manabe, who won the physics prize, will receive the award in Washington, USA on the 6th of next month. became.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony is held every December in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, but in consideration of the impact of the new coronavirus, medals and diplomas will be awarded in the country where the winner resides. I will.

On the 10th, the Nobel Foundation announced the schedule for commending the winners, and among them, Mr. Yoshiro Manabe, a visiting researcher at Princeton University in the United States who has been awarded the physics prize and a fellow of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, will be on the 6th next month. On the day, I will receive medals and diplomas at the American Academy of Sciences in the capital Washington.

The award will be broadcast live on the Internet.

Other award winners will also be honored in their countries of residence, such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, from the 6th to the 8th of next month.

Meanwhile, regarding the Peace Award, a face-to-face award ceremony will be held in Oslo, the capital of Norway, on the 10th of next month.・ Editor-in-chief Muratov has been invited.