• Istat, industrial production grows by 0.1%.

    Consumers Union: "unsatisfactory"

  • Istat: retail sales return to pre-pandemic level in September

  • Istat: GDP estimate at + 2.6% in the third quarter, industry and services grow

  • Istat: consumer confidence drops in October, business improves


10 November 2021 Istat recalls that the international economy "continues to expand in the presence of the continuation of the phase of increase in the prices of energy products which could constitute a brake on world production in the coming months".

In the third quarter, the Italian GDP marked, based on the preliminary estimate, a new decisive increase which further reduced the gap with the pre-crisis levels. The change acquired for 2021 is + 6.1%. In September there was a marginal increase in industrial production compared with the previous month. On average for the third quarter, the index increased by 1.0% compared to the April-June period. 

The labor market in September '' returned to show signs of improvement, with an increase in employment and a reduction in the unemployed and inactive '', observes the Institute. In October, the harmonized IPCA consumer price index grew by 3.1% in trend terms, with a negative inflation differential with the euro area of ​​one percentage point. '' The continuation of the international recovery and the high levels of confidence of households and businesses indicate that the recovery phase of production rates continues, with the possibility of closing the gap with respect to pre-crisis levels in the coming months '', concludes Istat .

"We return to pre-crisis level in Q1 2022"

For Italy "the growth achieved at the end of September is 6.1%. I remember that in the Def in April we had indicated 4.5% and in the Nadef 6.0%, so we were proved wrong by higher data. quarter will be less strong than in previous quarters as in other countries, this means that we will close the year a little above 6.1% "of GDP growth.

Economy Minister Daniele Franco said this on the sidelines of the Ecofin in Brussels.

Italy should return to pre-crisis levels "in the first quarter" of next year, concludes Franco.