China News Service, November 10th. According to the US "World Journal" report, a 23-month-old Chinese child who lives in Fremont, the United States, was hit by a stray bullet in a car on the Oakland Highway on the 6th. The death shocked the local community, and the people expressed their grief and regret.

Chen Xipeng, chairman of the Auckland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, said on the 8th that because of the epidemic, the child has not met his father in China since he was born, only video chatting.

The father of the child rushed to the United States by plane on the 8th and landed at San Francisco Airport in the evening.

The most sad thing is that the father may never have thought that he would meet his children in this way.

  Chen Xipeng also reminded that at present, there are two fundraising in the name of Chinese children on a crowdfunding platform, none of which has been approved by the family of the Chinese boy.

The Auckland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce is preparing a fundraising account and hopes to send it out on the evening of the 8th.

  At 2 pm on the 6th, the Chinese boy and his family were sitting in a four-door sedan driving south on Interstate 880 near Filbert Street. Unfortunately, he was hit by a stray bullet, although he was immediately taken to Oakland Children’s Hospital. Rescue, but was later pronounced dead.

  Chen Xipeng said that when the bullet flew in from the windshield and hit the boy of Chinese descent, he was sleeping in the car.

The father of the Chinese boy has been working far away in China. Because of the epidemic, travel ban and other reasons, the father and son have never met. The two parties only met through video.

"It is sad that the father of the child has never embraced his own flesh and blood in person. Never thought that he would meet his son in this way."

  Chen Xipeng said that since the accident, the mother of the Chinese boy looked calm and strong on the surface, but was suffering and distressed.

I hope her husband can comfort her a little bit after coming over.

  At 5 o'clock in the afternoon on the 8th, Chen Xipeng and the Oakland police were waiting at the airport for the father who was picking up the child.

And contact the friends of the immigration bureau in advance to ensure that there are not too many problems when the boy's father enters the customs.

Taking into account the situation of the mother of the Chinese boy, the father has just arrived, and it is estimated that he will not participate in the vigil held by the community at 7 pm on the 8th.

  Chen Xipeng said that on the 8th is his birthday, "We are very lucky to have the opportunity to commemorate the birthday. This little kid cannot even celebrate the second birthday."

  Chen Xipeng said that the mother of the Chinese boy was unwilling to accept donations.

With the persuasion of him and other relatives and friends, the boy's mother agreed to accept the donation.

"This is not a question of money, but an expression of the community's concern and everyone's help." (Liu Xianjin)