In a trial in which a developer of the popular online game Fortnite and US IT giant Apple are disputing over the rules for billing apps, a U.S. court dismissed Apple's claim for an extension of the rule review deadline. ..

Epic Games, the creator of the popular online game Fortnite, and Apple, the app distributor, are fighting in court over the rules for billing apps.

In September, a federal district court in California ordered Apple to review the current rules, which cannot direct users to non-Apple billing systems, by the 9th of next month, saying it is anti-competitive. I put it out.

Apple appealed and demanded that the deadline be extended until the trial was over, saying it would take time to review, but the federal district court dismissed the claim yesterday.

Regarding the reason, the court said, "Apple's claim is made by partially reading the results of the court's investigation, ignoring the entire investigation supporting the order."

This trial has received a lot of attention because it involves the basis of Apple's billing system, which collects up to 30% of sales as a commission.

Local media have reported that Apple will reclaim the extension of the review deadline to the Court of Appeals, but if the decision is not overturned, it may be forced to review the billing system.