The municipality has been working since four o'clock in the morning to combat slippery pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as car roads in Umeå.

- We have sanded fully throughout the day and will continue to do so.

But on the streets it goes fast before it is driven away, especially in roundabouts.

But anti-skid measures will continue for as long as necessary, says Per Hilmersson at Umeå municipality.

At Norrland University Hospital, there has been strong pressure on the emergency department with patients who have slipped and fallen.

Umeå municipality has also received error reports from citizens who flagged that it was slippery in several places.

Difficult time

- In some ways it has been very difficult.

Now it is a difficult time when it gets cold and then it rains, it is the most difficult time to combat slipperiness, says Per Hilmersson.

On some of Umeå's main streets, the municipality has also chosen to salt the roadway.