November 09, 2021The FBI has listed Russian Yevgeny Polyanin, believed to be a member of the hacker group REvil, on its list of most wanted criminals.

He and Ukrainian citizen Yaroslav Vasinsky were charged with cyber fraud and money laundering conspiracy, and both were included in the list of top wanted criminals.

Polyanin is accused of developing malware that encrypted files on victims' computers and demanded a ransom in cryptocurrency.

The FBI claims that if the victim failed to pay the ransom, Polyanin made the stolen data public or passed it on to third parties.

On November 8, US Attorney General Merrick Garland said his department had confiscated $ 6.1 million attributable to Polyanin. In total, the Russian managed to collect $ 13 million from the victims of cyber attacks. Garland also said that another defendant in the case is Yaroslav Vasinsky, currently detained in Poland, awaiting extradition to the United States.

Polyanin and Vasinsky are considered members of the REvil hacking group, which has launched cyber attacks on companies around the world.

Last June, hackers attacked the world's largest meat producer, JBS, which ultimately paid a $ 11 million ransom.

According to the estimates of the American investigators, the hackers were able to extract about 200 million dollars from the victims.

The REvil group was mentioned during a telephone conversation between Russian and American presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden on July 9, then Biden asked for the Russian hacker activities to be stopped.

After that, all REvil resources on the darknet were no longer available - the group was assumed to have ceased operations.