It has been a map reader circus for Värmland's rally talent Oliver Solberg during the year.

He started the season with the Irishman Aaron Johnston but was forced to call in Sebastian Marshall for his WRC debut in Finland when Johnston was infected with covid-19.

This summer, Solberg and Johnston went their separate ways and were replaced by the British Craig Drew.

Now it's time for another change.

27-year-old Elliott Edmondson sits in the right seat in connection with the Monza competition.

-I'm really looking forward to working with Elliott.

We have been together a lot lately and trained notes, and it has worked very well, says Oliver Solberg in a press release.

- The plan was always to enter into a collaboration with Elliott, and now we can finally get started.

Rally Monza is difficult with a lot of information from the team's security team, but it will be good with a challenging debut.

We expect to get the answers we need if the collaboration works as we hope.

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Oliver Solberg drives Hyundai's third car in the WRC Photo: Oliver Solberg media office