A 73-year-old woman was sentenced this Friday to a suspended fine of 1,000 euros for having crossed out cars that she considered improperly parked in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime).

The mis en cause was accused of having scratched the bodies of eight vehicles from September 2020 to April 2021 using a key.

The court also ordered her to pay 392.50 euros to one of the victims, having brought a civil action, specifies the

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La Normande was betrayed by video surveillance.

A mechanic whose several customers had been targeted by the damage indeed decided to install a camera to identify the person in charge.

The septuagenarian admitted the facts and explained herself in court.

She felt that badly parked cars near a wall prevented the passage on the sidewalk of "a person in a wheelchair, a walker or even with only a bag".

Police solicitations remained ineffective

The mis en cause recounted seeing a man moving with the help of canes being hit by a car because he was unable to take the sidewalk.

She claimed to have contacted the municipal police of Dieppe and then the national police in vain.

She said she decided to scratch the cars when she was "in a state of bewilderment and loneliness".


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