This year's grain harvest is a foregone conclusion

  Beijing, November 8th (Reporter Du Haitao) Since the beginning of this year, various localities and various departments have been vigorously focusing on grain production. The sown area has increased steadily, the quantity and quality of summer grain have increased, and the autumn grain harvest is nearing completion. The output will remain above 1.3 trillion catties for seven consecutive years.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, as the autumn grain purchases enter the peak season, the purchase volume has increased year-on-year.

Up to now, various grain companies in the main producing areas have acquired about 30 billion jin of mid- and late indica rice, of which 140 million jin was purchased at the lowest purchase price.

Based on the analysis of current grain production, reserves, stockpiles, trade, etc., the domestic grain market supply is completely guaranteed.

  The current total grain inventory is sufficient, especially the two major ration varieties of wheat and rice account for more than 70% of the total inventory.

Taking wheat as an example, under the situation of successive bumper harvests, stocks continue to increase, and it can currently meet the consumption demand for one and a half years, ensuring that "grain is basically self-sufficient and rations are absolutely safe."