They thought they were assisting an elderly person, having triggered his alarm system remotely for help.

But when the Toulouse firefighters arrived at the door of an accommodation in the Chalets district, on the night from Sunday to Monday, they discovered it ajar, probably fractured.

As they entered, they saw a young man running into the apartment and rushing into a bedroom.

Faced with this abnormal situation to say the least, the emergency services decided to call the police for reinforcement.

When they arrived there, the police found that the young man was still in the room and was lying fully dressed in the bed.

In a bag, objects from another apartment

When questioned by the police, he said he just wanted to sleep.

But when he emptied his pockets, they quickly realized he hadn't just broken the door.

The 23-year-old burglar apprentice had also gone around the drawers and picked up jewelry.

In a rush, he also grabbed the remote assistance alarm button which he triggered without realizing it.

He also had a bag full of other items, stolen from a previous theft.

The owner of the accommodation confirmed to investigators that he had left without his remote assistance.

The young man was taken into police custody and was to be brought back on Monday.


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