The Brest police station (Finistère) calls for vigilance after an upsurge in PCS coupon scams.

And particularly for women named Monique, three of whom have already filed a complaint in recent weeks, reports

Le Télégramme


"One lost 1,750 euros, the second 1,500 euros, the third 640 euros", explains a police officer to our colleagues.

All were victims of a scam linked to prepaid cards, which are not linked to any bank account.

These cards can be reloaded with coupons ranging from 20 to 250 euros, purchased at a tobacconist without any identity documents to provide.

Fake police on the phone

The criminals' modus operandi is the same: contacting the elderly by pretending to be police or gendarmes.

They explain to their victims that they have been the targets of a scam and that the suspects have been arrested.

But to advance the investigation, they must buy their own PCS coupons which will be refunded to them.

And provide the code to the police.

The three Moniques, aged 75 to 78, obviously did not get their money back.

The Brest police station reminds us that sensitive personal information should not be disclosed to canvassers.

He also asks tobacconists to be attentive to customers.


Beware of scams with prepaid cards


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