The City of Paris has announced that it has awarded its public lighting contract to the Cielis consortium which brings together Citelum, a subsidiary of EDF, and Eiffage for the next ten years and those, for an amount of 704 million euros, which makes it the most important public market in the capital.

With this new contract, which follows a “poorly drafted” precedent with Evesa, according to Emmanuel Gregoire, Anne Hidalgo's first assistant, Paris hopes for better management of street lights and traffic lights.

No more damaged traffic lights that stay in place for months.

Cielis will, from this month of November "renew 12,000 supports, candelabras and consoles, replace 70,000 lights with LEDs, 60,000 traffic lights and more than 500 kilometers of cables," said Emmanuel Gregoire.

An important project according to the first deputy since the only 70,000 lights replaced represent the equivalent of the "light park of Marseille".

Lovers of Parisian street furniture can rest assured since there is no question of changing the model of the candelabra.

Significant energy savings

The public market also includes an environmental component.

It should allow a "consequent" energy gain of 240 Gigawatts / hour, which is equivalent to 30% of municipal consumption.

It also involves varying the color temperature on sensitive sites and turning off lights in closed parks to reduce light pollution and protect biodiversity.


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