China News Service, Xi’an, November 8th (Reporter Zhang Yichen) "After exiting the capsule, the astronauts will face the severe test of the space environment and will not tolerate the slightest error. Therefore, it is especially important to establish high-speed and timely measurement and control communications with the ground during exiting activities. Important." Xi'an Branch of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as: Xi'an Branch) introduced to reporters from on the 8th.

  At 1:16 on November 8, after about 6.5 hours of exiting activities, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew successfully completed the first exit mission.

During the exit period, the astronauts Zhai Zhigang and Wang Yaping carried out extravehicular operations in the outer suit, and the astronaut Ye Guangfu cooperated and supported in the cabin.

The three astronauts said in turn: "Feel good."

  Although the words are brief, they embodies the hard work and dedication of Chinese astronauts.

The Xi’an Branch said that the third-generation relay terminal product developed by the institute provides astronauts with full communication support for exiting the cabin. The astronaut crew exit screen and the voice reporting "feel good" to the ground are all sent back through the relay terminal. ground.

  In the vast space, how can ground-based measurement and control communications support the entire process of exiting the capsule to ensure that the astronauts will not be dropped out of the capsule?

  The Xi’an Branch said that the third-generation relay terminal products realize relay communication by establishing relay links with the relay satellites Tianlian-1 and Tianlian-2.

It is like building a "skyway" between the ground and the relay satellite, and between the relay satellite and the astronauts in space.

In this mission, the astronauts have to stay in space for a long period of six months, which is a major test of the relay terminal's communication measurement and control capabilities.

  When astronauts exiting the cabin become the norm, the time for exiting activities will increase significantly.

The relay terminal of the space station's sky and core module, while ensuring the quality of the transmission signal, is also convenient for astronauts to repair and replace.

This is a breakthrough in design.

  The Xi’an Branch stated that in order to ensure the high reliability of the relay terminal, before the launch of the space station’s sky and core modules, the development team has fully tested the key components of the relay terminal in a vacuum test environment on the ground to simulate the long-term operation status of the orbit. Fully ensure that the relay terminal is foolproof in orbit.