The government's "New Capitalism Realization Conference" will consider expanding the tax incentive system when large companies invest in venture companies, and as a distribution policy, tax system for companies that are aggressive in raising wages. We have compiled urgent proposals such as strengthening support in Japan.

The "New Capitalist Realization Conference" has put together an urgent proposal that includes the issues that the Cabinet will tackle with the highest priority toward a "virtuous cycle of growth and distribution."

It points out that it is necessary for the public and private sectors to work together to create an economy of a new era, rather than building long-term sustainable capitalism and leaving everything to the market while reducing disparities. ..

And in order to realize growth, we will continue to support living expenses and research expenses so that excellent young researchers can concentrate on research, promote science and technology nation, and in order to realize carbon neutrality in 2050, renewable energy We will work on the maximum introduction.

In addition, while considering expanding the tax incentive system when a large company invests in a venture company, it is clearly stated that it will support voluntary efforts in the region using digital such as automatic delivery robots in depopulated areas with large-scale grants. doing.

On the other hand, regarding the strengthening of distribution, it is required to increase the salary of those who are continuously hiring instead of new employees, and it includes providing generous tax support to companies that are aggressive in raising wages. is.

In addition, in order to increase the income of people working in the field such as nursing, long-term care, and childcare, which are at the forefront of responding to the declining birthrate and aging population and the new corona, we will add compensation as an immediate measure and the public price. We are considering a drastic review.

The government plans to reflect these details in the formulation of a budget plan for the next fiscal year and tax reform, in addition to the new economic measures to be formulated in the middle of this month.

Prime Minister Kishida "Next Spring Grand Design and Reification Measures Summary"

Prime Minister Kishida said, "In the world, there is a movement to build a'new capitalism'that emphasizes sustainability and people and leads to new investment and growth, and Japan will lead this movement. As an urgent proposal, I would like to immediately start a new capitalism by putting into practice the issues to be tackled first with this economic measure. "

After that, he launched three "New All-Generation Social Security Construction Conference", "Digital Garden City State Concept Realization Conference", and "Digital Extraordinary Administrative Investigation Committee" to promote the implementation of the main policies of the Kishida administration. After integrating the results of the discussions at the two conferences, we will compile the grand design and its concrete measures next spring and disseminate it to the world. "