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The Government of Spain has just granted protection to the Iberian wolf.

But there is another wolf that does not need to be protected but it is he who provides protection to computer systems against cybercrime threats, which have multiplied in the last year.

According to the latest Blurred Lines & Blindspots report from HP Wolf Security, the global volume of cyberattacks has increased by 238% during Covid.

And is that the increase in teleworking has expanded the entry windows of hackers to the systems of a company.

They are not just computers, but other devices as well.

"In the future there will be a greater number of people working from multiple locations outside the office. This will open up new and exciting mobility opportunities, but will also create new gaps and vulnerabilities for users," said Melchor Sanz, Chief Technology Officer (CTO ) from HP.

The report also reveals that devices connected to the Internet would have received 1.5 attacks per minute worldwide in 2020. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to efficient and secure protection systems for all devices.

HP Wolf Security is a pack of solutions to protect any device from this growing threat.

"The technology of the future will be much more secure by design and smart enough not to limit itself to detecting threats, but to contain and mitigate their impact. HP Wolf Security is a new model of device security, adapted to the needs of the future. from work, "explained Sanz.

System defense cannot be focused on a single point, something that HP knows as a leader in PC and printer security.

By unifying the protection offering on a single platform for customers, HP responds to the growing need for a more complete and reliable robust cyber defense solution.

It is about not dumping the full weight of cybersecurity on IT departments, 91% of them have had to spend more time securing devices than two years ago.

HP Wolf Security offers comprehensive protection that reduces the attack surface, enabling remote recovery from firmware attacks, improving threat data collection, and providing highly reliable alerts.

It integrates micro-virtualization-based threat containment, next-generation antivirus-based malware prevention, and identity protection.

All integrated with HP hardware security capabilities to provide superior protection that is easy for IT to purchase, deploy and operate.

Its elements include self-healing firmware, memory breach detection, and threat containment through virtualization, to cloud-based intelligence.

Malware Prevention is an antivirus that uses a combination of AI-based techniques and behavioral analysis for advanced protection against malware through predictive detection.

Identity Protection defends against phishing attacks.

These solutions can be separated into several options:

  • Home: Includes a set of built-in security features for select consumer PCs, as well as HP Wolf Essential Security software and services.

    HP Wolf Essential Security is included in select home printers.

  • Business - Includes a set of hardware hardened security features, included with every business PC purchase, designed for organizations of all sizes.

  • SMEs: Devices, software and services.

  • Administrations: Devices, software and services

HP Wolf Enterprise Security's primary weapon is Sure Access Enterprise, which applies HP's exclusive isolation technology to ensure that critical applications are protected from any malware lurking on the user's PC.

It secures key tasks, enables secure multi-terminal work, and shields the browser from critical applications.

HP has also announced the new Flexworker offering with HP Wolf Security that enables IT departments to increase worker productivity while helping to protect corporate data and networks.

However, HP Wolf Essential Security is included with HP + Smart Printers, with built-in security 24 hours a day.

Protect yourself with the wolf.

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