The trial against the 17-year-old who is suspected of having shot dead policeman Andreas Danman at the end of June in Biskopsgården begins on Monday.

It has been speculated whether Danman was really the one the 17-year-old wanted to shoot or whether he mistaken the police for someone else.

A police officer who is heard in the preliminary investigation says that there are risks associated with working on a moped and that,

"There is an increased risk of being perceived as an opponent, or going into, for example, a shooting"

But it is also pointed out that there are several advantages to mopeds such as being able to cover large areas in a fast and efficient way.

Sensitive question

The decision on whether a police officer should wear a reflective vest or not is made before each work effort by the group leader and several police officers that SVT spoke to believe that the answer is not black or white.

They also say that the issue is sensitive now before the trial and do not want to appear by name.

- You do not think that you will be shot when you go to work, but some efforts can not be done with a vest on, they see you coming from a long distance and it is not always desirable, says an experienced police officer to SVT.

Does not exclude moped stops

The union will now evaluate the matter and it is not excluded that the moped may be put away completely.

- Hypothetically, it may be that it is not a working method that should be used in certain areas, says Katharina von Sydow, chairman of the Police Association West.