Eight days until the US midterm elections will be another year.

Since the summer, President Biden has been in a difficult situation for the midterm elections, with the approval rating slumping and the Democratic Party candidate who supported the governor's election, which was positioned as a fortune-telling of the administration, lost.

It takes eight days to complete the midterm elections, which are held every four years in the United States between presidential elections.

The average approval rating of President Biden has been in the 50% range, but disapproval exceeded support for the first time in late August, and as of the 5th of this month, it has fallen to 43.1%, the lowest level since taking office. increase.

Behind the scenes, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan led to the reinstatement of the hostile Islamist Taliban, and the current confrontation within the ruling and Democratic parties has made it difficult to pass a large spending bill. And so on.

Under these circumstances, the Democratic Party candidate, who was initially dominant, was defeated by the Republican Party candidate in the Virginia Governor's election on the 2nd of this month, which was positioned as an election to predict the whereabouts of the administration and rushed to support himself, and the decline in centripetal force became apparent.

In the Republican Party, former President Trump is still very popular, with about 80% of Republican supporters supporting Mr. Trump in various polls.

Mr. Trump has continued to insist that he is the real winner over the presidential election a year ago, and even though his SNS account was suspended due to the invasion of the federal parliament in January, he was in various places. Thousands of supporters gather at the rally.

Historically, the ruling party has often struggled in midterm elections, and President Biden is in a difficult situation to maintain the majority that the Democratic Party has barely secured in both the House and Senate of Parliament.

Expert "Is the turmoil in Afghanistan affected?"

According to research firm Gallup, when comparing the approval ratings of successive presidents as of October, the first year of his inauguration, 37% of Presidents Trump and 42% of President Biden have been the lowest since President Eisenhower, who took office in 1953. It is the second lowest number.

Kyle Condick of the University of Virginia Political Center, who specializes in American politics, said that the reason why President Biden's approval rating is low is that "the increasing polarization of society has affected the president's" honeymoon period "as much as before. Opposition parties and the media have pointed out that the "honeymoon period," which is said to curb criticism of the president who has just taken office, may have diminished.

"It was the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in the turmoil that caused the decline in approval ratings since the summer, which hurt the Biden administration's view of competence," he added. He said that the rise in prices was also having an effect.

On top of that, in order for President Biden and the ruling party / Democratic Party to overcome this situation, "although the administration is not always in control, the situation such as the infection situation of the new coronavirus, supply chain, inflation, and soaring gasoline prices will improve. We need to do it. "

Regarding the outlook for next year's midterm elections, Mr. Condick said, "If the president's approval rating remains low, the Republicans will gain power in the midterm elections," unless the Biden administration can break through the status quo. , Said the Republican Party is likely to win.