November 7, 2021 From tomorrow, November 8, the US will ease the restrictions on entry into the country linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, which had blocked tourist and non-essential travel from 33 countries, including the European Union, United Kingdom, China. All people with vaccinations approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), Guardian said, will be able to enter the United States as visitors. Since the beginning of 2020, the US has imposed travel restrictions, when Donald Trump initially banned access to most people from China, in a list of countries that soon grew. The measures were then maintained by the subsequent administration of President Joe Biden

International travelers - Europe, Great Britain, China, Iran and Brazil - who will enter the United States will need to present proof of the vaccine before boarding, along with the negative result of a Covid test conducted in the three days prior to travel. so said the coordinator of the response to Covid of the White House, Jeff Zients. In announcing the relaxation of restrictions on October 16, the Biden administration pointed out that unvaccinated American citizens will need a test the day before leaving for the United States. Those who are vaccinated will not have to quarantine and airlines, under the provisions, will have to collect passenger information to facilitate tracking. 

"We welcome the US announcement that fully vaccinated EU travelers will soon be able to travel back to the US. A long awaited stop for separated families and friends and good news for business. We will continue to work towards travel safe ", the European Commission commented on the announcement through its Twitter channels.