• Greta: "It's no secret that COP26 is failing"

  • Cop26, 23 countries undertake to eliminate coal from energy

  • Cop26.

    Agreement of 40 countries to reduce the use of coal but without China, India, the USA and Australia

  • Cop26, Italy: after 2022, stop to subsidies to fossil fuels that have not been cut down


06 November 2021 After the appeal to act to avoid the worst in the fight against climate change by environmental militants who criticize the lack of concreteness of the rulers gathered by the UN in Glasgow for the COP26, tens of thousands of young people will demonstrate today again in the Scottish city but also in many other squares around the world.

Marches for the climate are in fact scheduled today in Sydney, Paris, London, Dublin, Stockholm Nairobi, Mexico City and in dozens of other cities on all continents: over 200 appointments according to what communicates the Cop26 Coalition, which brings together the organizers of the different countries.

The goal is to obtain "climate justice" and immediate measures especially in favor of communities that are already affected by global warming, and especially in the poorest countries.

In Glasgow, police predict around 50,000 people in the COP26 area, and have created a security cordon around the convention center.

Even today in the Scottish city the presence of the most famous activist in the world, the Swedish Greta Thunberg, is expected, after yesterday shouting in the square her anger for "the failure of Cop26".