Chinanews, November 6th, a comprehensive report, on the evening of the 5th local time, the US House of Representatives passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which is an important part of US President Biden's economic agenda.

It will be signed by Biden next.

On March 25, local time, U.S. President Biden held the first official press conference in more than 60 days since he took office, answering hot issues such as border crisis, gun control, and infrastructure planning.

  According to reports, the vote on the day was 228 to 206. The bill won the support of 13 Republicans and 6 Democrats voted against it.

Biden expects to sign the bill in the next few days.

  According to the report, the day’s vote was conducted after progressive Democratic congressmen made concessions: they postponed the nearly $2 trillion social expenditure bill vote, and instead sought to pass the infrastructure bill first.

  The infrastructure bill for reforming domestic transportation and public utilities in the United States was passed in the Senate in August, but stalled in the House of Representatives because Democrats tried to negotiate a separate social expenditure bill, which is another key to Biden’s agenda. Component, many Democrats associate it with the fate of the infrastructure bill.

  However, the US media still pointed out that for Biden, the passage of the Infrastructure Act has achieved a major legislative goal he has promised to achieve since he became president: the largest single investment in infrastructure projects by federal resources in more than a decade. , Including to strengthen the response to global warming.