• A 29-year-old driver endangered pedestrians and users during the night from Wednesday to Thursday in Toulouse.

  • He injured a bus driver and prompted the city police to open fire.

  • He even dialed the 17th to brag about his crazy journey.

He drove on sidewalks failing to run over passers-by, deliberately crashed into a Tisséo bus, injuring its driver, and attempted to run into municipal police officers and then onto a crew from the anti-crime squad. A 29-year-old driver sowed panic in the streets of Toulouse - from the Fontaines district to that of Lardenne via the boulevards - on the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

The Toulouse town hall confirms "the taking charge of a driver […] whose journey has endangered third parties (pedestrians, vehicles)".

The driver was first reported around 11 p.m. to the municipal police for a dangerous rodeo at Les Fontaines.

Spotted around 12:30 am on the Patte-d'Oie side, the driver refused to comply, not hesitating to hit the patrol vehicle then deliberately rushing towards municipal officers on foot.

It was then that one of the municipal police officers opened fire twice, without hitting the fugitive.

A rare event since, from union sources, it is only the second time in four years that the municipal police have used a firearm.

Dangerous and boastful

The municipal police gave the relay to the national police.

The fugitive was finally arrested at around 1:15 am, avenue de Grande-Bretagne "thanks to an interception device from the anti-crime squad".

The driver is still in custody at the central police station this Friday morning and should be subjected to a psychiatric examination.

His profile seems special, because in the middle of a chase, the man did not hesitate to dial the 17th on his own to boast of having escaped the first attempts at interception.


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