On Wednesday, the northern border police were able to seize a very large quantity of ecstasy pills on the A2 motorway, we learned this Friday from the general directorate of the national police.

The fight against drug trafficking is not the main activity of the border police (PAF).

It was also for a completely different mission that agents were stationed at a checkpoint on the A2 motorway when they received information.

A witness reported the presence of "a suspicious bag containing pink seals" on the emergency lane.

Pills stamped "Casa de papel"

The PAF police went there and indeed discovered the famous bag.

But they also found much more.

Hidden behind the security railing were three large shopping bags, each containing 19 sachets filled with “Casa de papel” pills.

In all, 270,000 tablets for a total weight of 55 kg.

The pills were handed over to Customs for analysis.

The results showed that it was indeed ecstasy.

The estimated amount for resale exceeds one million euros.

No arrests were made but an investigation was opened, in particular to try to determine why the drugs were at this location.


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