Zombies exist!

These are not those we see on TV but an ancestral practice on the island of Haiti.

Philippe Charlier, anthropologist and forensic pathologist, explains: “Zombies [without E] in Haiti are a well-framed process.

It is a justice carried out by secret societies on the living who do evil.

Thus, the people designated guilty of crimes or misdemeanors by these secret societies are drugged and enter a state close to death.

As those around them believe they are dead, the "zombies" are buried alive and unearthed a few hours later by the person who drugged them.

Drugged and fed on a special diet, the zombies are deprived of their free will and become slaves in the service of their executioner.

This practice is completely illegal in Haiti and innocent people, whose mother-in-law would like to get rid of for example, are sometimes victims.

The official number of zombies on the island is 1,000 to 1,500, a figure that could be ten times higher according to Philippe Charlier.

Discover how the real zombies of Haiti are born in the video of our partner Brut.

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