Stéphane Bern & Matthieu Noël SEASON 2021 - 202215:03, November 05, 2021

Historically Vôtre brings together 3 impostors who have usurped an identity: a certain Arnaud du Tilh who would have passed himself off as Martin Guerre, this man who disappeared for 8 years, leaving a wife and a very young child, before reappearing Then Anna Anderson.

Or rather Anastasia Romanov, the youngest Grand Duchess of Russia.

Unless they are the same two people ... although the Duchess was murdered with all her family in the middle of the Russian Revolution!

And a man who did not particularly resemble the famous director Stanley Kubrick, and who for years pretended to be a fake Kubrick, but a real clever one: Alan Conway…


- Pierre Lunel

, historian and author of "The Greatest Crooks in History" (First Editions).

- Alexandre Sumpf,

 Historian, specialized in the social and political history of Russia and the USSR and Author of "1917, Russia and the Russians in revolutions" (Perrin).