The police were allowed to confiscate data carriers from Youssef T., even though he was one of Ridouan T's lawyers at the time. According to the Amsterdam court, his complaint about the seizure is unfounded.

Youssef T. was arrested on 8 October in the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught, where he was visiting his client at that time.

Ridouan T. is the main suspect in the notorious Marengo liquidation process and is in pre-trial detention in the EBI.

The lawyer is a first cousin of Ridouan T. and had been acting as one of his lawyers for several months at the time of his arrest.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) suspects that Youssef T. acted as a messenger.

After the arrest of Youssef T., the police searched his home and Utrecht office with the permission of the examining magistrate.

Items, including data carriers, were seized.

According to Youssef T., that was not allowed, because the seized devices fall under the so-called right of nondisclosure of lawyers.

However, the court ruled that the circumstances were so exceptional that the infringement of the right of nondisclosure is justified.

According to the court, the suspicions that the Public Prosecution Service harbors against the lawyer are very serious.

It concerns "suspicions that can cause great damage to confidence in the social function of the legal profession".

Youssef T. would have been involved in, among other things, plans for a violent outbreak or liberation of Ridouan T. from the EBI.

Justice also accuses him of belonging to the suspected criminal organization of Ridouan T..