According to a report from the US Chinese website, local time November 2 is the universal suffrage day in New York City, the Democratic candidate Sandra Ung defeated the Republican opponent with 60%-40% of the vote and will become the next Flushing Queen in Queens. City councillor of the 20 constituency, is also the first female Chinese city councillor in the constituency.

  At the celebration party that night, Huang Minyi thanked her campaign team, volunteers, voters and Congressman Meng Zhaowen who supported her, New York State Senator Liu Chinyi, current Flushing City Councilman Gu Yaming and others in English and Chinese.

She also reviewed the journey of her 7-year-old immigrants to the United States and said that she never thought that one day she could become a city councillor.

  Huang Minyi studied at Columbia University Law School. After graduation, she decided to become a public interest lawyer to help victims of domestic violence. Later, she worked in New York State, the city, and the office of Congressman Meng Zhaowen.

  There are currently many problems in the Flushing community.

Huang Minyi promised that if elected, he will work hard to solve problems such as bus lanes and illegal street vendors, support the genius class, strive for more resources for the community, and help low-income people who do not speak English to provide food stamps (SNAP) and other welfare applications. And provide relevant resource assistance for small businesses and victims of domestic violence.

(The production of Li Jiali's video comes from American Chinese TV)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]