Alexis Guilleux, edited by Manon Fossat 10:04 am, November 3, 2021

A year after his arrival at the White House, Joe Biden's record is mixed.

After an encouraging start, the American president had to deal with the epidemic recovery linked to the Delta variant, but also the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

All this under the shadow of Donald Trump, who still hangs over American politics.

One year ago to the day in the United States, Joe Biden was elected to the White House.

Twelve months later, the Democratic president is struggling to realize the hopes placed in him when the shadow of Donald Trump still hangs over the country's politics.

Especially since his party finds itself weakened after the victory of the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia.

A first test election for Joe Biden, whose mandate had started well. 

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If Donald Trump said he was too old, too sleepy to occupy the White House, the American president, soon aged 79, is hyperactive: health, economy, climate, Joe Biden is on all fronts.

To the point of invisibility of its vice-president Kamala Harris, yet popular in the Democratic ranks. 

Reduced ambitions

After a first semester symbolized by the success of the vaccine campaign, reality caught up with Joe Biden this summer between the economic recovery weakened by the Delta variant and the end of the Afghan conflict marked by the return of the Taliban to power.

Because of the divisions in his very narrow majority in Congress, the president has also had to revise his ambitions downwards.

And his two big bills, on infrastructure and social spending, are still blocked by two moderate Democratic senators. 


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Joe Biden's popularity is now in free fall with 42% favorable opinions in October, 15 points lower than in February.

At the same time, Donald Trump has tightened his grip on the Republican Party and conspiracy theories are gaining ground: only 22% of conservative voters believe that Joe Biden was legitimately elected last year.