• Today the AIFA meeting on the third dose of the under-60 vaccine

  • Son in Regions: proceed immediately on the third dose

  • Vatican, the Pope received the third dose of Covid vaccine

  • Vaccini, the principals of Rome: as soon as possible, the teachers should do the third dose


03 November 2021 "The indications tell us that it is reasonable to think that already by the end of the year there may be an expansion of the audience, think of the 50-year-olds, of some categories such as teachers". This is what the undersecretary of health Andrea Costa explained during the 'Restart 264' broadcast on Cusano Italia TV, referring to future indications on the third dose.

That on the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine "is a choice that politics makes on the basis of scientific indications. The Aifa", the Italian Medicines Agency, "told us to proceed today with the third dose for the frail and those over 60 and so we are doing. I invite citizens who are included in these categories to proceed with the vaccination ". "I appeal to parents to vaccinate children over 12, because the data - he concluded - tell us that the virus is circulating much faster in unvaccinated young people and there is a risk of new variants". 

But he says, also interviewed on 'Radio too' on Radio1 "we need to be clear with the citizens, I hope it does not become a topic of political debate. There is a need for uniformity in the country, we follow the indications of the scientific community "

Today, AIFA should receive precise indications on the J&J vaccine: "regarding the booster to be done with a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine 6 months after the first dose. And as regards schools, the primary objective of the government is to guarantee the whole year in attendance, limiting distance learning as much as possible and the new rules that will be approved this week will start with 3 positives in the classroom ". 

"The vaccination obligation for some categories is not a taboo and we are ready to take it into consideration. Now let's face these weeks, let's see what the vaccination data will be, then we hope that there will be a sense of responsibility that prevails".

And on the possible reintroduction of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors "to date this is not a hypothesis on the table of the ministry. I trust that this could be a different Christmas than last year. Many choices will depend on how many unvaccinated decide to get vaccinated. ". "What protects us is the vaccine and not the swab - the Undersecretary Costa then spoke to Radio too - it is not correct that those who have been vaccinated have to endure restrictive measures due to a minority that has not been vaccinated. there will not be many choices: either to continue with the restrictive measures imposing them also on those who have been vaccinated, or to introduce distinctions, or to introduce vaccination obligations for some categories such as some groups ofage over 50 and over 60 where there are many fellow citizens who have not been vaccinated and some categories in close contact with the public ". 

"The goal is to reach 90% of the vaccinated, at which point I believe that we can open a new phase and also review the restrictive measures, such as the use of the green pass". "I believe that 90% is a quota that would allow us an endemic management of the pandemic. Now there is the awareness that we can no longer speak of herd immunity, because even a vaccinated person can contract the virus, but he contracts it very much The government's goal is to ensure that no citizen dies more than Covid and that no one ends up in intensive care. The 90% goal creates these conditions. About 2 million citizens are missing - he added - to reach this goal,I hope that they will become aware that thanks to their vaccination they not only protect their lives, but also allow the country to continue on the path of returning to normality and economic recovery ".