The vast majority in Sweden pay by card, and there have been more as a result of the pandemic.

- It is obvious that the public has been a little afraid of using cash, says Gabriela Guibourg, head of unit at the analysis and policy unit at the Riksbank.

At the same time as fewer and fewer people use cash, other payment options, such as with mobile, blip or Swish, have increased.

Last year, these alternatives accounted for almost 60 percent of card purchases.

"Payment will only go away"

Since January 2020, the number of purchases with Swish has almost doubled.

This is stated by the Riksbank in its new annual payment report.

The Riksbank predicts an increasingly digital future.

In May next year, they will launch a platform that will make payments faster.

- For example, when I make an invoice payment in my internet bank, I get the message that if I make my payment after 12 o'clock, then it will take place the next banking day.

That message will not come, but the payment will only go away, Christina Wejshammar, cash manager at the Riksbank.

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