China News Agency, Washington, November 2-Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, said on the 2nd that we look forward to China and the United States taking the Glasgow Climate Change Conference as an opportunity, focusing on the common interests of all mankind, and working together to reverse the current "political microclimate" that hinders cooperation between the two countries. , Leading the world to work together to cope with the increasingly warming "global climate" and jointly hand in a satisfactory answer.

  The special event of "Global Initiative 2021-Climate Change" Climate Week opened on the same day.

Qin Gang attended the opening ceremony online and made the above remarks during a dialogue with Chinese and American youths.

  In response to questions such as "In the field of climate change, what are the common and differentiated responsibilities of China and the United States? What plans does China have to cooperate with the United States to jointly address climate change?" The main actors in China should first base themselves on themselves and complete their nationally determined contributions.

The United States is a very capable student, but in the middle of it “skip class” and withdraw from the "Paris Agreement". In the future, if you want to hand in papers on time and with a high score, you can no longer skip class or postpone the submission of homework.

  Qin Gang pointed out that China's carbon emissions will strive to peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, which means that China will complete the world's highest carbon emission intensity reduction.

In order to achieve the above goals, as a developing country, China needs to make greater sacrifices and efforts than the United States.

Tackling climate change requires close cooperation among countries including China and the United States.

China and the United States jointly issued the "Joint Statement on Response to the Climate Crisis," reiterating the strengthening of cooperation.

Both parties are working together to promote the success of COP26.

The two countries have huge potential for cooperation in areas such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, green finance, and digital economy, which are worthy of further exploration.

China and the United States can also work together to help vulnerable countries that are vulnerable to climate impacts and carry out third-party cooperation.

  Qin Gang said that China has made a lot of efforts to reduce automobile exhaust emissions and persist in green travel.

China's new energy vehicles have been greatly developed, with a total of 6 million vehicles.

The Chinese government also encourages people to choose public transportation and green travel.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will also be the first Olympic Games in history to use all green and clean energy.

  Qin Gang said that young people are participants and beneficiaries of climate change, and they should also be advocates and leaders of ecological civilization.

I hope that young people around the world can participate in the efforts to deal with climate change, starting from bit by bit, from themselves, from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and transportation, advocating and shaping a green lifestyle, so that everyone can become an actor in the fight against climate change. Sharer.

  The special event of this climate week lasts for 5 days and is hosted by the Central Radio and Television North America Terminal (CGTN).

At the opening ceremony, Chinese and American students from New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University and other Chinese and American students participated in the exchange.