It seems that Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the People's Party, and Kim Dong-yeon, former deputy prime minister of the economy of 'New Wave', have started a struggle for leadership in the space of the third zone.

When asked about the possibility of solidarity with former Deputy Prime Minister Kim in a question-and-answer session after the declaration ceremony for the presidential candidacy today (1st), Ahn said, "In the case of former Deputy Prime Minister Kim, he served as the government's first Minister of Finance and Economy. Struck the said Moon Jae it first balhisi a position on the ball and the order of the regime "pickoff.

Highlights the fact that Kim, former Deputy Prime Minister that the personnel recruited from the government, and appears to be based on a street dating possibility of right now.

And Kim Minister Camp Spokesperson Song Moon-hee criticized Ahn's declaration of candidacy through a commentary, criticizing it as "just another declaration of old-fashioned politics.

" advocated a new political banner for almost 10 years, did not change the people's expectations of moderate practical politics disappointed, "he said" was held shot and know how to break the vested interests want to from the deep thought and reflection before "

likely just the two sides dates to about was the place completely closed.

do not representing today, "I subcommittee, such as the value and the direction in which the pursuit is willing to meet the dialog at any time," he said.

Kim, former Deputy Prime Minister also vested interests "for the new wave Statehouse promoter tournament on the 24th last month If we agree to break the bipartisan structure, we will keep it open at any time.”    has been mentioned.