The United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP26 in the United Kingdom began a summit meeting on the 1st, and President Biden of the United States is confident that he will achieve his greenhouse gas reduction target and will move to developing countries. He expressed his intention to strengthen his support.

Meanwhile, China's President Xi Jinping, who forgot to attend, sent a written message, emphasizing that developed countries should provide more support to developing countries.

At the beginning of the "COP26", the summit-level meetings of each country began, and at the beginning, Prime Minister Johnson of the United Kingdom said, "We must move from discussions and discussions to concrete actions," and developed countries are developing as a measure against climate change. He emphasized the importance of funding promised to the country.

In addition, President Biden of the United States showed confidence in achieving his own greenhouse gas reduction target and said that he would lead the negotiations, saying, "We will focus on supporting developing countries around the world and switch to clean energy. Accelerate. "

Meanwhile, China's President Xi Jinping, the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter, has forgotten to attend, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: "Developed countries are not only working on their own, but more for developing countries. I sent a written message saying, "We should support."

India's Prime Minister Modi also sought for the first time a goal of virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070, while promptly funding developing countries.

At COP26, while the positions of developed and developing countries are different, the focus is on whether each country can come up with in-depth measures such as strengthening greenhouse gas emission reductions and financial support.

The summit-level meeting will continue on the 2nd, and Prime Minister Kishida will also visit the site to give a speech.

US President Joe Biden "Leading Negotiations by Setting an Example"

"The United States can achieve its ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030 compared to 2005," US President Joe Biden said in a speech on the 1st. Not only has he returned to the negotiations, but he will lead the negotiations by setting an example. "

"The soaring energy prices have made it clearer that diversification of energy sources is an urgent need," he said. "Our efforts are still lacking and we have no time to stop. Will grow day by day, "he said, calling on each country to take immediate action.

"We will focus on helping developing countries around the world and accelerate the transition to clean energy," said President Biden, emphasizing that he will strengthen support for developing countries working on climate change. ..

In addition, President Biden said of tackling climate change, "I believe it is a great opportunity not only for the United States, but for all countries. We can create a future for clean energy and earn high incomes around the world. It is possible to create employment that can be used, "he said, and expressed the idea that climate change measures will lead to economic development for each country.

French President Emmanuel Macron "More Ambitious Goals"

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the COP26 summit on the 1st, saying that some countries do not share the goals of the "Paris Agreement," which includes efforts to limit the rise in global average temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. I pointed out.

"The success or failure of this meeting depends on whether those greenhouse gas emitting countries can set more ambitious goals during the meeting, which makes the COP a credible framework again. It's the only way. "

Prime Minister of India Modi "Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2070"

India's Prime Minister Modi said in a speech on the 1st that "50% of the energy required by 2030 will be renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions will be virtually zero by 2070." For the first time, we have clarified the carbon-neutral target of virtually zero emissions.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said, "Transfer of funds and low-cost technology is more important. We hope that developed countries will prepare $ 1 trillion in funds as soon as possible," said emerging countries as a measure against climate change. We urged countries and developing countries to promptly provide new funds of 110 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

UN Secretary-General "Needs more in-depth efforts and agreements"

UN Secretary-General António Guterres addressed COP26, saying, "Reliance on fossil fuels is pushing humanity to the brink. It's like we're digging our own graves." I did.

"We may have the impression that the climate change measures announced by each country are on the path to improving the situation, but that is an illusion," he said. He said that climate change measures alone are not enough and that more in-depth efforts and agreements are needed.

On top of that, Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized that the goal of keeping the global average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius must be maintained, and called for "a strong urge to choose to protect our future and save humanity." rice field.

China's President Xi says “developed countries should support developing countries”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, President Xi Jinping sent a written message to the UN conference "COP26", saying that developed countries should support not only their own countries but also developing countries' measures on the issue of climate change. I emphasize it.

In this, President Xi points out, "Currently, the effects of climate change are becoming more and more apparent, and the urgency to act globally continues to increase."

He added, "Each person should build mutual trust and strengthen cooperation based on the agreements so far, such as the Paris Agreement."

"Developed countries should not only work on their own, but also provide more support for developing countries," stressing that developed countries should also support the measures of developing countries.

In addition, Mr. Xi mentioned that China announced a new policy for climate change countermeasures last month, including increasing the ratio of non-fossil fuels to 80% or more of energy consumption by 2060. "China is strongly developing renewable energy and promoting the construction of large-scale wind power generation and solar power generation," he said, and is actively promoting the development of renewable energy.

Brazilian President Message "Preparing to Achieve More Ambitious Goals"

The Brazilian government, which emits the highest amount of greenhouse gases in South America, announced new climate change measures at the opening of COP26 on the 1st.

According to this, the greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030 will be raised from 43% to 50%, and the goal is to achieve virtually zero emissions by 2050.

"Brazil will help solve this global challenge. We are ready to reach our more ambitious goals," Bolsonaro said in a video message.

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In April, Japan announced that it would reduce emissions in 2030 by 46% compared to 2013, and is aiming for virtually zero by 2050.

Expert "The goals of the Biden administration are quite ambitious"

Biden's Climate Change Countermeasures US think tank CSIS = Researcher Nicos Tsafos of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said, "The Biden administration's goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 by 2030 is quite ambitious. I pointed out.

He pointed out that the outline of a large-scale spending bill that included climate change countermeasures announced last week was "It is necessary to pass an spending bill to achieve the target, and it is unclear whether it is sufficient."

"The United States has not been successful in reducing greenhouse gases in the areas of transportation such as automobiles. The bill also included a budget for the introduction of electric vehicles, but there is a clear reduction strategy in these areas. Unless it is, it will be difficult to achieve the goal. "

In addition, regarding the fact that the "clean power program" that the administration emphasized did not include the "clean power program" that imposes penalties on electric power companies and encourages the procurement of renewable energy, etc. , If we want to drive change without penalties, we have to give more subsidies. "

On top of that, in response to the inclusion of 555 billion dollars and 63 trillion yen in Japanese yen for climate change countermeasures, "Even if the clean electricity program disappears, there is a lot of budget for promoting renewable energy. , There is a possibility that it can be covered by other measures. "

Demonstration in front of the venue Appealing to stop using fossil fuels

Along with the OP26 leaders' meeting, about 30 people, including environmental activists from Japan and the United States, gathered in front of the venue to demonstrate against the use of fossil fuels.

Participants, in turn, raised banners and said that the use of fossil fuels was polluting the environment, and asked world leaders to make a major shift in policy.

Then, he appealed to the venue with a voice saying, "Don't dig up fossil fuels in the ground."

Minori Fukushiro, a first-year high school student who visited the venue of COP26 from Japan and participated in the demonstration, said, "I don't want you to have an empty meeting because the world leaders are gathering. I don't have time to keep it down, so I want you to think about countermeasures. "