China News Service, Fuzhou, October 30th (Reporter Lin Chunyin) Sailing 68 nautical miles west from Taiwan’s Tamsui Wharf, passing Pingtan Island, looking at Luoxing Tower to the west, landing at Mawei Port in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian, and entering the Taiwanese Hall in Fuzhou after the refurbishment. Jing rushed to take the exam.

Chen Zhiying, a student of Fujian Normal University from Tainan, Taiwan, recalled the journey of Taiwan scholars seeking official positions a hundred years ago, and realized the "Taiwanese students' love and yearning for the mainland".

  On the 30th, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Taiwanese Student Imperial Examination (Zhuzi) Cultural Cloud Experience Camp, one of the series of activities of the 9th Strait Youth Festival, was held at the Fuzhou Taiwan Hall.

More than 100 young students from both sides of the strait participated in activities online and offline.

  At the opening ceremony, the main venue of the Fuzhou Taiwan Hall and the Beijing, Taipei, and Taichung branch venues simultaneously launched the opening ceremony. Students from both sides of the strait jointly watched the filming and filmed "Road to Traveling" by Taiwanese youths and participated in activities such as answering questions on the title of the gold list. .

  "Those Taiwanese students who have been to the provincial city of Fuzhou for the exam are witnesses and performers of the Chinese culture." Chen Zhiying said that this event allowed her to break through the constraints of time and space and experience Tainan, Fuzhou, Youxi, Wuyishan, Beijing, etc. The Confucian culture passed down in the same vein.

  Lai Zhengwei, a Taiwanese cadre of Fujian Xintongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd., is responsible for the promotion of the "Taiwan-Lutong" APP in Pingtan.

He said that this smart phone application, which provides convenience for service desk compatriots to travel to and from the mainland, "is like a pair of powerful hands, helping Taiwanese students to better adapt to their work and life in the mainland today."

  In the view of Lin Fangjin, a Taiwanese teacher at Pingtan Vocational College, the Fuzhou Taiwan Guild Hall, built in the ancient home of Fuzhou, is a "gathering point for enhancing the feelings of compatriots on both sides of the strait" and provides opportunities for Taiwanese youth to immerse themselves in traditional culture.

  Liang Zhiqiang, vice chairman of the Taiwan Compatriots Association of Fujian Province, said that taking the traditional history and culture common to both sides of the strait as a starting point, combining the new face of the motherland’s flourishing development, using modern technology to create a new exchange model for cross-strait youths, encouraging Taiwan’s youth to come to the motherland. Pursue dreams, build dreams, and realize dreams.

  Lin Hongrong, president of the Taiwan Compatriots Association of Fuzhou City, said that due to the epidemic, this event adopted the "online cloud tour" model for the first time, allowing young people on both sides of the strait to deepen the cultural foundation of the "family".

  Yang Junsen, chairman of the Taiwan Greater China Industry Association, said in his speech that the annual "scientific research road" shows that the education of Fujian and Taiwan is deeply rooted, and that young people on both sides of the strait can experience the cultural heritage of the two sides.

  During this event, Taiwanese students will also visit Guling and Binhai New Town in Fuzhou to learn about the urban planning and development of Fuzhou, as well as information on various aspects of Fuzhou's education, employment and entrepreneurship.